Corporate Sound & Video

The Right Equipment

At Music Monkey, we're all about the right equipment.  We have over 25 years experience setting up and operating professional audio systems, so we know how to provide the best sound for your event.  We're here to focus on the technical stuff, so you can focus on your message.  We'll make sure it gets heard.

Video Presentations

Do you have a Power Point presentation or a Video to present to a large group?  Music Monkey has the equipment and the expertise to run the show behind the scenes, so you look good in front of your audience! 

On-Site Technician

Music Monkey doesn't just drop off our equipment and run.  We stick around to run the sound and video system to ensure your event goes smoothly and to handle those last-minute requests and changes.  We're the "techies" and we wear that name with pride!

Contact Us

We're Here for You

Feel free to reach out for more information or to book us for an event. 

Music Monkey Productions

(208) 409-4908


If we are setting up for an event, or engaged in an event, we may not be available to answer or respond immediately.  Rest assured, we will contact you as soon as we are available.